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2290 Hvut Penalties for Failure to File or Pay Taxes

Know why and how the IRS Imposes the 2290 hvut penalties.

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Why does the IRS Impose Form 2290 Hvut Penalties?

Truckers who transport heavy loads on public highways in the United States should file IRS Form 2290. The IRS imposes a 2290 penalty for the following reasons:

  • Failure to file Form 2290 within the deadline
  • Filing false/fraudulent 2290 returns
  • Failure to show 2290 HVUT payment proof
  • Didn’t pay an estimated 2290 truck tax

How to Avoid 2290 Hvut Penalties?

Here are a few of the circumstances to avoid form 2290 penalties:

  • Minimize Form 2290 filing errors
  • File truck 2290 Tax Return on-time
  • Pay 2290 truck taxes accurately

What are the 2290 Penalty Rates?

Generally, truckers may be subject to different penalty rates for not filing Form 2290 before the 2290 due date. The following are the 2290 late filing penalties and interest rates:

Late filing of Form 2290 – 4.5% on total tax due (monthly up to five months)

Underpayment of HVUT – 0.5% on total tax amount + 0.54% interest (charged per month)

When do you get a 2290 Penalty Relief?

Do you know the IRS waives the 2290 late filing penalty? The Internal Revenue Service waives a 2290 late fee if the trucker shows a reasonable cause for the delay in the form 2290 filing. The chances of getting form 2290 penalties waived are high for:

  • First-time filers
  • Old filer with a good filing history

If you are one of them, send a request letter to the IRS along with a reasonable explanation and valid proof of the delay in filing the 2290 tax form.

Request Form 2290 Extension

Besides waiving the 2290 late filing penalty, request an extension of time to file the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax by sending a letter to the IRS. Write a letter showing your reasonable cause and send it to:

Department of treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Cincinnati, OH 45999-0031

Penalties to States for Non-Compliance with HVUT

Besides taxpayers, states may also face 2290 penalties if they fail compliance reviews because of taxpayers’ noncompliance. In some cases, the Secretary of Transportation can withhold up to 25% of the state’s Interstate Maintenance funds.

First-time IRS 2290 Penalties Abatement

A “first-time penalty abatement” occurs when the IRS reduces fines from your account due to clean compliance history. You are eligible for a “first-time penalty abatement” if your account has had no penalties applied or removed in the previous three years.

Note: First-time penalty abatement is not based on the cause. Its sole purpose is to protect taxpayers from unwelcome penalties.

Whom do I call for Assistance Regarding the 2290 Penalty?

If you are e-filing Form 2290 with an IRS-approved 2290 e-file provider like Truck2290, then you can contact the customer support team & clarify your queries. Those who are filing a 2290 Tax Return manually, can contact the IRS at the below-given numbers:

  • The United States: 866-699-4096 (toll-free)
  • Canada or Mexico: 859-669-5733 (not toll-free)

Form 2290 Filing Due Date 2024-25 Tax Year

According to IRS regulations, the IRS 2290 form must be filed by every trucker every year to operate heavy vehicles on public highways. For the 2024–25 truck tax year, the heavy vehicle use tax return is due to the IRS.

IRS 2290 Form2290 Due Date
For Already Existing VehiclesAugust 31st, 2025
For Newly Purchased vehiclesLast date of the following month of FUM of the vehicle.

So, every truck owner/operator must pay the federal highway use tax and E-File Form 2290 by the 2290 Due Date. Otherwise, the trucker may be subject to a 2290 late filing penalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the IRS impose 2290 penalties?

When truckers fail to file form 2290 before the due date or on time or fail to pay the accurate amount of tax, then the IRS typically charges form 2290 penalties to them.

How can be exempt from the IRS 2290 penalties?

Commercial vehicles with 5000 miles or below and agricultural vehicles with less than 7500 miles in a tax year can be exempt from the Heavy vehicle use tax.

Does the IRS remind us to file form 2290 on time?

No, the IRS doesn’t remind truckers to file form 2290 before the due date or on time. An IRS-approved e-file provider like Truck2290 can remind you on time to file your HVUT tax return.

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