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IRS Form 8849 Schedule 6 Refund Claims

File Form 8849 Schedule 6 to claim refunds of excise taxes that are reported on 2290 Form.

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What is the Form 8849?

The major purpose of the 8849 Form is to claim a refund of excise taxes paid using an appropriate schedule. Also, Heavy Vehicle operators who are looking forward to claiming a refund must complete Schedule 6 along with the 8849 Form.

What are the different 8849 schedules?

Here is a list of schedules:

  • Use Schedule 1 to claim a refund on the Nontaxable Use of Fuels
  • Schedule 2 to claim a refund on Sales by Registered Ultimate Vendors
  • Use Schedule 3 to claim a refund on Certain Fuel Mixtures and the Alternative Fuel Credit
  • Schedule 5 for Section 4081(e) Claims
  • Use Schedule 6 to claim a refund on Other Claims this includes the credit claim from Form 2290
  • Schedule 8 to claim a refund on Registered Credit Card Issuers

Where to File Form 8849?

Filing an 8849 Tax Return can be done either manually or electronically. Manual filing necessitates sending it to the Department of Treasury or the IRS, along with Schedule 6.

When 8849 Form Refund is delayed?

In general, your 2290 refund filed on the 8849 form is delayed/returned if you fail to file correctly. Or, you didn’t follow instructions when filing or didn’t provide the required info.

Do all the schedules apply to Form 2290?

No, not all the schedules apply to the claim refund paid on Form 2290. Instead, use Schedule 6 to claim the refund of taxes paid.

Required Information to E-file Form 8849

To request a refund you should provide original info on the 8849 Form. Here are the details about what information is required

  • VIN
  • The taxable gross weight of the vehicle
  • Specify vehicle sold/stolen/destroyed
  • Date of theft/destruction
  • Total refund amount
  • Name & address of the purchaser (if the vehicle sold after July)

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