Do You Know How to File Form 2290?

Let us simplify the filing process of IRS 2290 Form. It is an important task for heavy truckers while operating their heavy vehicles on public highways in the United States. Tax Form 2290 filing is an easy process for existing customers. But first-time filers will feel nervous about filing their tax returns due to a lack of proper knowledge about filing.

Thus, we mentioned here the simple steps and sufficient information about the filing of form 2290.

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Do You Know How to File Form 2290?

What is Form 2290 Used For?

Form 2290 is a tax form provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is used to report your taxable vehicle and to pay your Heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT) to the IRS. You can get an IRS form at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official website through an authorized e-file provider.

Who Needs to File an IRS Tax Form?

Heavy truckers who operate taxable vehicles on public roads in the United States are required to file Form 2290.

According to the IRS, heavy vehicles with a minimum gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more with a mileage of 5000 miles (7500 miles for agriculture vehicles) or more in a tax year are considered taxable.

Therefore, these vehicles must file IRS Tax Form 2290.

What is the Right Time to File Form 2290?

The filing season is the best and right time to pay the heavy vehicle use tax (HVUT). The IRS filing season starts on July 1st and ends on August 31st of every tax year. This 2 month’s filing duration is crucial for truckers who want to file it annually for each tax year.

Generally, the IRS Tax Year is from July 1st to June 30th every year.

If truckers acquire a heavy vehicle in a month other than July, they must file their 2290 tax form on the last day of the month following the month of first use.

Form 2290 E-File

E-filing is the fastest and most secure way to file IRS tax returns. Truckers will receive instant Schedule 1 proof in minutes by filing electronically. Here we have mentioned below the steps to e-file your road tax returns.

  • Free Registration: If truckers want to file in an electronic way, they have to visit an authorized e-file provider. Electronic filing is done only by certified e-file providers. Hence, truckers need to register their name with an e-file provider like Truck2290 for free.
  • Enter your information: After registering your account, then you have to enter your business details and vehicle information appropriately.
  • Review & Submit: After registration, you need to verify whether your details are correct or not. Then you have to submit it to the IRS.
  • Get Schedule 1: Truckers will receive their schedule 1 payment proof with the IRS watermark digitally by submitting the requirements along with the accurate tax amount.

You will find all the filing steps and related information about form 2290 filing at Truck2290.

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