It’s Filing Season of the 2290 Tax Form

Hello truckers, have you forgotten anything? Yes, we’re here to let you know about your trucking and filing updates on form 2290 tax returns. Generally, mistakes can happen in daily life. It’s human nature to forget some things. In the same way, sometimes truckers may forget the filing season of 2290 to file their 2290 tax returns before the due date or on time.

So, we remind you about the filing season of 2290 and make the filing process easier with the Truck2290 IRS e-file provider. The filing season for the tax year 2022–23 will end in a month. Therefore, you must file your 2290 tax form without delay. If you file with Truck2290, we will always notify you of the next filing deadline as well as your road tax information.

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2290 tax form filing season

Must-Have Requirements to File 2290 Tax Form

If you are a heavy-taxable trucker, you must file a truck 2290 tax form with the IRS each year. 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Truckers should have the following details while filing.

  1. Business Details: Your business name & address, Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  2. Vehicle Information: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Taxable Gross Weight of Vehicle, First Used Month (FUM) of Vehicle, and Suspended Vehicles (if any).

When to File the 2290 Tax Form?

According to the IRS, heavy truckers must file IRS form 2290 during the 2290 filing season and pay heavy vehicle use tax. As we know, the tax year starts on 1st July and ends on 30th June of the next year. Therefore, annual truckers must file 2290 tax forms during the filing season from July 1st to August 31st of each year.

August 31st” is the deadline to file 2290 HVUT returns.

Truckers who purchase heavy vehicles in months other than July must file form 2290 by the last day of the month following the first month in which the vehicles are used.

For example, Mr. Cynade purchased a heavy vehicle in October and drove it on public highways in January. In this case, the first used month will be January, and on the last day of February, he will have to file form 2290 tax returns.

Form 2290 Payments Methods

The IRS accepts HVUT payments in the following payment methods.

  1. Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW).
  2. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).
  3. Check or money order.
  4. Credit or debit card.

Hence, truckers can use any of the above-mentioned secure payment methods to file their Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT).

Where Can I File Form 2290 Tax Returns?

However, this is a common doubt for new filers. Truckers can file Form 2290 through paper filing or electronic filing. When filling out the paperwork, you must take a printout of Form 2290, fill it out with the required information, and submit it to the IRS. The paper filing process is time-consuming, and it may take 4-6 months to submit the Schedule 1 payment verification.

Any IRS-approved e-file provider can file form 2290 electronically. By submitting electronically, you can get an instant Schedule 1 proof. Thus, filing with Truck2290 is an easy and secure process. We accurately calculate your tax returns and help you file Form 2290 on time. Our tax experts are available via phone and mail service.


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