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Bulk Upload Form 2290 Information

Bulk Upload VINs with a single click: According to the IRS, to transmit equal or more than 25 vehicle information in a tax year, you need to file IRS Form 2290 online. But, the IRS recommends every truck owner/operator choose e-filing to report even a single vehicle for a tax year. In such cases, all you need to do is download an “Excel Sheet”. By downloading the Excel sheet, you can enter the number of vehicle info & transmit the completed sheet to E-file Form 2290.
Have Your Vehicle Info on hand? Hurry Up! This doesn’t require much time.

Simple Steps to Bulk Upload 2290 VINs Upload using Truck2290

Step 1 – Create a free e-file account at Truck2290. Add your business details & tax year.

Step 2 – Click on the Bulk Upload option in-vehicle information section

Step 3 – Download our Excel Sheet & fill in the required fields in the Excel template

Step 4 – Transmit the completed Excel sheet to e-file your 2290 truck tax.

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