Form 2290-V (Payment Voucher): What Truckers Need to Know?

Are you a truck driver and are you filing a tax return for your business this year? Then, you must be aware of the importance of filing form 2290-V Payment Voucher. Apart from that, you must also be aware of the 2290 payment methods along with the e-file process. Filing the 2290 truck tax is not a simple task for anyone, whether you are aware of the tax filing process or not. And when it comes to filing a 2290 tax form for a fleet of trucks, it becomes even more difficult. The process can be quite tricky if you are not aware of the payment methods. Throughout this blog, we will cover the following details about the “2290-V Payment Voucher“.

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Form 2290-v payment Voucher

What is the purpose of Form 2290-V?

Form 2290-V is familiarly known as the “Payment Voucher”. Form 2290 V-payment voucher, is used mostly when taxpayers choose to pay Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return via check or money order to the IRS. Therefore, the filers fill in Form 2290 payment voucher and mail it together with a money order or cheque.

The importance of the 2290-V in the HVUT payment

The Form 2290 payment voucher plays an essential role in both the manual and e-filing of Form 2290 and making HVUT payments using a check or money order. As we know, there are four ways to make a 2290 tax payment to the IRS, i.e., EFW, EFTPS, credit or debit, check, or money order. Among all these methods, the Form 2290 payment voucher is required only when you pay 2290 truck taxes using a check or money order. Because without Form 2290 V, your HVUT payment is not accepted. Follow the below steps to make an HVUT payment via check or money order:

  • Fill the 2290 tax form return & Form 2290 payment voucher correctly with accurate details.
  • Please ensure that a check or money order is a non-electronic way of paying taxes to the IRS. So, before you choose a check or money order, make sure to about it.
  • One cannot pay the total Heavy Vehicle Tax due amount half online & the remaining half via check or money order. Because truckers can’t use Form 2290-V to pay balance tax due amounts.
  • Most importantly, don’t staple the Form 2290 payment voucher, check the IRS 2290 Form.
  • Also, remember to enclose the check or money order and make it payable to the “United States Treasury”.

When do you need a Form 2290 V Payment Voucher?

As per the IRS guidelines, truckers need a “Form 2290-V payment voucher” when the taxes are paid using a check or money order. Do truckers have to pay by check or money order when manually filing? The answer is “no.” Because for both Form 2290 filings, truckers can make HVUT payments online using EFTPS, EFW, or non-electronic methods like checks or money orders. So, it’s not mandatory to choose the online HVUT payment method to pay 2290 truck taxes. Truck owners can pay taxes either in an electronic or manual way. The only thing is that those who file Form 2290 manually, need to detach the payment voucher V & send it along with IRS Form 2290 and a check or money order. If you filed Form 2290 online, there is no need to send the form along with Form 2290-V and payment.

How to complete Payment Voucher?

Here’s how to fill out the payment voucher on the 2290 tax form:

In Box 1: Enter the Employer Identification Number in this box.

Box 2: Enter the tax amount you owe to the IRS.

Box 3: Enter the date that you have completed Form 2290. Both of the dates must be matched. Otherwise, your payment is not accepted.

Box 4: Key in your name and address exactly as shown on Form 2290. Because if you provide inaccurate information, the HVUT payment may not be accepted.


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