2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax: A Quick Guide For Truckers

2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax season is the most confusing & stressful. Because there are two different deadlines for newly purchased vehicles and existing vehicles. Also, the 2290 Truck tax varies for the Different types of vehicles.

For commercial vehicles and agricultural vehicles, the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax is the same. But for logging vehicles, the HVUT is 25% lower than those vehicles. So, before you start filing a 2290 tax Form Check the Vehicle Category to know how much you owe to IRS.

2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is an annual federal highway utility tax paid to the IRS on vehicles operating public highways with the gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more

What is 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax in Trucking?

In general, HVUT stands for “Heavy Vehicle Use Tax”. This is a road tax imposed on certain heavy vehicles such as trucks, tractors, or buses using United States public roads. Furthermore, the Federal Highway Tax is imposed annually by the Internal Revenue Service. Besides, the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax applies only to vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. Also, if the taxable vehicles exceed the mileage limit of 5,000 in a truck tax year.

The IRS collects these taxes and distributes the revenues back to the state’s road tax authorities for highway maintenance and construction projects.

Where and How Do I Pay the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

Truckers can pay federal highway use tax to the IRS by filing “Form 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax”. The most confusing part where to file IRS 2290. As per the IRS guidelines, don’t mail the IRS 2290 Form to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Filing Federal highway use tax can be done either on paper or electronically. However, the IRS instructs every trucker to choose an e-file system.

Generally, the 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax period starts from July 1st of the current year and ends by June 30th of the following tax year. Truckers must file Truck 2290 tax returns and pay 2290 road tax within the deadline.

What Do I Need to Register My Vehicle If It’s Subject to HVUT?

Any highway vehicle registered in the US with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more must provide HVUT payment proof. Yes, without 2290 Tax Form payment proof the heavy vehicle will be exempted from on-highway transportation. Because the US highway authorities will not allow transportation for vehicles that don’t pay/show HVUT payment proof. Moreover, the vehicle was suspended from using public roads.

Proof of Payment or Exemption

Most truckers don’t know the required documents for state registration. Here are the documents required for state registration purposes:

  • IRS stamped 2290 schedule 1 copy returned by the IRS to the truck owner via mail.
  • A copy of IRS 2290 and Heavy Vehicle Use Tax payment proof i.e., credit card recipient or front and back canceled check.
  • Those who filed Form 2290 electronically, the original or copy of e-file 2290 and schedule 1.

For state exemption, you are required to:

Copy of 2290 schedule 1 with part 2 with gross weight 55,000 or more but using less than 5,000 miles in a year. Or agricultural vehicles using less than 7,500 miles in a tax period. Otherwise, vehicles qualified as blood collector vehicles.

Do I Need Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

Probably, HVUT depends on three factors:

  1. Taxable gross weight
  2. Mileage limit
  3. Type of the vehicle

Yes, because vehicles that travel less than 5,000 miles in a tax year are considered suspended vehicles. Moreover, logging vehicles are taxed at a lower tax rate. Thus, depending on the gross weight, mileage limit, and vehicle type you need to pay a 2290 heavy highway vehicle use tax return to the IRS.

How Often Do You Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

Generally, you need to Pay 2290 Road taxes to the IRS annually or in the middle of the tax period. Yes, if you purchase a heavy vehicle in the middle of the tax period, you need to Pay 2290 taxes by the last date of FUM of the vehicle. Also, if you registered your heavy vehicle as a suspended vehicle, and it exceeded the mileage limit in the middle of the tax period, then you need to Pay federal highway use tax. Or else, if you are operating a business with already existing vehicles, then you need to pay federal highway use tax to the IRS.

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