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For operating taxable vehicles on public highways, truckers must complete Form 2290 as usual. Taxable vehicles are those that have a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. File Form 2290 to acquire your Schedule 1 Proof. The IRS Schedule 1 is the proof of HVUT return.

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E-file Form 2290 Amendment Return Online

What is Form 2290 Amendment?

If you made an error when filling out form 2290, you must file a form 2290 amendment to correct it. The Amendment is simply a correction or update to the initial form 2290 that was submitted.

When to file form 2290 amendment?

Naturally, everybody makes mistakes at a certain point in their lives. Mis-filing of form 2290 can also occur during the filing procedure. Then, to re-correct or modify previously submitted forms, you must file form 2290 amendment. Truckers must file Form 2290 Amendment in 3 common scenarios as follows.

  1. Increase in Taxable Gross Weight of the Vehicle.
  2. Incorrect Vehicle Identification Number reported.
  3. Exceeded mileage limit of suspended/exempt vehicles.

Increase in Taxable Gross Weight

The taxable gross weight of a truck with all of its accessories is the gross unloaded weight of the vehicle. Vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds and above are regarded as taxable. Changing or repairing parts of your truck as part of your commercial operations can result in an increase in the actual weight of your truck. When a vehicle’s taxable gross weight exceeds the limit, it is considered a new category. You will be charged an additional tax in this case. Then you must file your form 2290 amendment return to IRS.

Incorrect Vehicle Identification Number

During the filling of form 2290, truckers must enter their vehicle identification number (VIN). If you enter the incorrect vehicle identification number, your Form 2290 filing may be rejected. You can modify or change your IRS form 2290 by filing an amendment return. Then the IRS provides you with new 2290 Schedule 1 proof for successful submission.

Exceeded Mileage Limit

The IRS has allowed you an exemption for vehicles with a mileage of fewer than 5000 miles for commercial or non-agricultural vehicles, and 7500 miles for agricultural vehicles. If you exceed your mileage limit within the taxable year for which you have already filed, your tax becomes due. The mileage limit applies to overall mileage use during the tax period on public highways. Then you need to file an IRS amendment for tax due by the final of the vehicle used month. You have to mention the month in which the mileage limit was exceeded.

How to file an amended 2290 return online?

Here you can file your Form 2290 amendment return in the E-filing process.

  1. Log into your Truck2290 account using your registered email address and password.
  2. Click on “Make an amendment“.
  3. Select the business to which you want to file an amendment.
  4. Choose the month and year when you first used your truck and specify if you’re filing a final return.
  5. Select the type of amendment: Vin correction, Taxable Gross Weight Increase, or Mileage Exceeded.
  6. Review the details thoroughly and click on the ‘IRS payment button.
  7. Choose the mode of payment ( EFW/ EFTPS /Check or money order, credit or debit card) and pay the tax amount.

Through Truck2290, the process of amending Form 2290 is simple. Never be hesitant to file your amended return it may annoy and confuse you, but Truck2290 will take care of your issues in minutes. By visiting this website, you can obtain an updated IRS Schedule 1 in minutes.


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